Dhaba Singh Darbar, Dehradun

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The Dhaba Singh Darbar is one of the best dhaba in dehradun. Their dhaba environment can give you comfy feel and their Sweets section has variety of sweets which are all prepared in Pure Desi Ghee. And they are also sell delicious snacks that the self produce in there own factory and they have taking full quality control in there own hand. Dhabas are known for their hearty, flavorful, and often spicy North Indian cuisine, and they serve a variety of traditional dishes. These places are especially famous for their tandoori items, rich curries, parathas, and lassis.


  • Tandoori Dishes: Items cooked in a traditional clay oven (tandoor), such as tandoori chicken, naan, and kebabs.
  • Curries: Rich, flavorful curries like butter chicken, dal makhani, and paneer tikka masala.
  • Bread: Various types of Indian bread such as naan, roti, paratha, and kulcha.
  • Rice Dishes: Biryani, pulao, and jeera rice.
  • Lassi: A traditional yogurt-based drink, often served sweet or salted.
  • Snacks: Samosas, pakoras, and chaat.


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