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IVS School of Art and Design in Dehradun is likely an institution offering education and training in various art and design disciplines. Schools like this typically provide programs in fields such as fine arts, graphic design, interior design, fashion design, and other creative disciplines.

To find detailed information about IVS School of Art and Design in Dehradun, you can:

  1. Visit Their Official Website: Educational institutions often have comprehensive information about their programs, admissions, faculty, and contact details on their websites.
  2. Contact Directly: You can reach out to them via phone or email for specific inquiries about courses, admissions, fees, and more.
  3. Social Media and Professional Networks: Check platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram where educational institutions often share updates and engage with prospective students.
  4. Local Education Directories: Websites like Shiksha, Collegedunia, or Career360 often list educational institutions with details about courses offered, student reviews, and contact information.

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