Lati Art By Kanchan Jadli


Kanchan Jadli share the culture and life style of  Uttarakhand through her Lati art.



With Pahari cartoon pictures and tickling punchlines, Kanchan has inspired people to stay connected to their village, language, customs etc. From local people to government departments have also adopted Lati art and characters. Lati art is getting appriciation from social media .

Now Lata-Lati will welcome tourists in GMVN, many departments have also taken their help.

Have an option to buy pahadi style things on your room, office or at work place.

  1. Pahadi Calendar
  2. Lapel pins
  3. KeyChain
  4. Bobble head
  5. Magnets
  6. Mugs
  7. Wall Art

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