Ojas Animal Feeds Dehradun


Started a factory focused on urea free animal feeds after leaving a government job shows dedication and passion for the field. Dr. Binu Bhadauria’s decision to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams by making a positive impact on the animal feed industry is commendable.  Aim of making urea free feed cause to increase the fertility of cattle and buffalo.  Also having uria free milk from the cows so that the human population consuming the milk, will have laser impact.

They manufacture best animal feeds @Dehradun.

Ojas Animal Feeds

Ojas Animal Feeds

  • Cattle feed Milking Mesh
  • Cattle feed Milking Pellet
  • Heifer feed Mesh
  • Transition feed Mesh
  • Calf starter feed Mesh
  • Horse feed Mesh
  • Dry cattle feed Mesh
  • Goat feed Mesh
  • Rat feed Pellet
  • Rabbit feed Pellet

If you have any specific questions about Ojas Animal Feeds, Dehradun or Dr. Binu Bhadauria‘s journey, feel free to ask!

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