Chetan Swadisht Kachori Dehradun


The Chetan Swadisht Kachori is well known street food in dehradun. They famous for there kachori a popular Indian snack and the taste of there  kachori is mouthwatering in a reasonable prize. A variety of kachoris, which are deep-fried pastries filled with different types of savory fillings. Likely North Indian, as kachoris are especially popular in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi. Casual and fast service, often suitable for a quick snack or takeaway.

Kachori Varieties:

  • Pyaaz Kachori: Filled with a spicy onion mixture.
  • Dal Kachori: Stuffed with a spiced lentil filling.
  • Matar Kachori: Green peas stuffing with spices.
  • Aloo Kachori: Potatoes and spices.
Chetan Swadisht Kachori is a popular eatery in Dehradun, known for its delicious and traditional Indian snacks. Located in the bustling Hanuman Chowk area, this spot is famous for its kachoris and puris, which are served with a variety of sabzis like alu sabzi, khatti meethi kaddu, and chole.


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